In addition to working with children in arts integration and performing on stage as a Flamenco dancer, Julie Galle Baggenstoss produces Flamenco events featuring some of the most sought-after Flamenco artists in the U.S.A., from local aficionados to national touring artists, and even professional artists from Spain. Her productions have featured multi-award-winning dancer Manuel Liñan and his company, internationally renowned dance instructor Juan Paredes, the iconic “festero” Juan del Gastor, famed artists from Jerez de la Frontera Spain, including Antonio Granjero, Luis and Ali de la Tota, José Méndez, and Kina Méndez, Málaga-born dancer Antonio Hidalgo, singer Francisco Orozco “Yiyi” of Barcelona, and Seville-based dancers Carmend Ledesma and Lakshmi Basile. She also produces works featuring elite U.S.-based artists, inlcuding Cristian Puig, Barbara Martinez, Vicente Griego, and Yjastros, the American Flamenco Repertory Company. She has staffed artists in prestigious theaters, such as the Rialto Center for the Arts, as well as intimate venues, such as Atlanta’s Red Light Café and Peña la Pepa of New Orleans.

Having produced Flamenco events for 20 years, Julie listens to the the needs of Flamenco audiences and the artists, and leverages an international network to create programming for a variety of audiences.

Please visit Berdolé for information about booking a live Flamenco show.