Atlanta Flamenco: August 2015

Now booking Flamenco school shows

schoolshowWith a successful track record working for Woodruff Arts Center and The Rialto Center for the Arts for nearly a decade, Julie Galle Baggenstoss uses Flamenco dance and music to teach lessons in literacy, STEM, 21st century skills, history, geography, and Spanish language.  Assembly programs, workshops, and residencies are available for school day mornings.  Programming is available with a live Flamenco guitarist, singer, and dancer, and all programs are facilitated by a trained teaching artist.


A few popular programs:

Ferdinand por Farruca - Connects Flamenco with the children’s favorite The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf in a literacy lesson

That’s Apoyo! - Communication and leadership are the core messages when using Flamenco’s improvisational structure to create art in a cultural lesson

Ultramar - Music, dance, and theater props get kids involved in mapping, geography, and history related to the Columbian Exchange


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