“Siento” live Flamenco concert


Saturday, May 10
8:00 PM
VIP reception immediately following show

Emory University Performing Arts Studio
1804 North Decatur Road
Atlanta, GA 30322
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Live Flamenco concert


Cristian Puig, guitar, vocals, artistic direction
Anne Moceyunas, cello
Danny Stern, percussion
Ania Bartelmus “La Candela”, dance & palmas
La Fani, dance & palmas
Julia la Luna, dance & palmas

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$20 advance / show only
$40 show + VIP reception
$25 at door / show only


http://www.flamencogeorgia.comCristian Puig

Cristian Puig recently played the role of guitarist and singer “Joaquin” in the Alliance Theatre’s production of “Zorro”, and he has worked in films, such as A Late Quartet, for which he composed flamenco music for the soundtrack. He performs as a flamenco singer and guitarist across the United States of America and with his flamenco trio Puig-Sanchez-Moreno in his hometown of New York. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cristian Puig is the son of flamenco singer Gloria Monreal and flamenco guitarist Pablo Puig. As a teenager, Cristian began his studies in classical guitar at the conservatory of Manuel de Falla as well as flamenco guitar with his father. Soon he took classes in flamenco guitar with Quique de Cordoba and furthered his studies in jazz, bossa nova and contemporary music. In 1990 he formed and toured South America with his group Rabat, fusing jazz, bossa nova and flamenco. Cristian released the CD “Entre Cuerdas” featuring flamenco-jazz fusion and has just released a new CD entitled Inflam project, which crosses Indian and Flamenco styles.


Danny Stern

Danny Stern was born with an ear for music. At the early age of three, he found that his favorite place was underneath the family grand piano, where he could listen to his father play. He grew up fascinated with every instrument he could put his hands on, ultimately falling in love with rhythm.

He’s spent time in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica studying deep Nyabinghi rhythms with the Rastas. He’s lived in Bahia, Brazil and studied rhythms for Carnival, Capoeira Dance and Sacred Candomble Spiritual Music.

His time in Brazil and his introduction to a world-renowned drummer and Sufi Master, Adnan Sarhan, in 1989 influenced his growing interest in the ability to use music and rhythm to heal.

He has since put extensive time and energy into studying the spiritual music of Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Iraq, Algeria, Armenia, Egypt, Lebanon, and other parts of the Middle East.

Danny is known predominantly as a world-class percussionist and music producer, with numerous awards to his credit.


Photo by Erik Voss

Ann Moceyunas

Anne Moceyunas is a cellist and founder of the Atlanta Cello Project, sponsoring workshops, play-ins, and concerts that focus on the beauty of the range of cello music. Ann performs with a variety of groups spanning classical, contemporary, folk and bluegrass / country.  She also performed Flamenco in Fiesta Española, playing cello in arrangements created by guitarist/singer Cristian Puig.


ania1La Candela

Ania Bartelmus “La Candela” began intensive professional Flamenco training in Seville in 2011 after dancing with Atlanta-based company Caló Gitano for several years, when she appeared on television and in the group’s debut theater production “Raices, a Flamenco journey”. After training with some of Spain’s top Flamenco artists, including dancers Juana Amaya, Nazaret Reyes, La Choni, and Carmen Ledesma, Ania taught and performed Flamenco in Seville and Switzerland, and returned to Atlanta in 2013. She currently performs as an independent artist and offers Flamenco dance classes in Atlanta at Dance 101 and in Decatur.


Photo by Erik Voss

La Fani

La Fani is a Flamenco dancer who comes via France and has been and can be seen at a variety of venues, including the Atlanta Opera’s recent production of Carmen. She has taught Flamenco dance at Studio Dionne, located in midtown Atlanta, since 2008. Fani, who dances in the style employed by Spain’s most popular women artists, lived in Madrid where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the Universidad Complutense. Fani also lived in Seville where she taught at the University of Seville while training with today’s top dancers, including Leonor Leal, La Choni, Andres Peña, Pilar Ogalla, Manuel Liñán, Manuel Betanzos, and Ursula Lopez.

http://www.flamencoclasses.comJulia la Luna

Julie Galle Baggenstoss is a Flamenco dancer who focuses on bringing great Flamenco music to a variety of audiences. She has performed Flamenco with the Atlanta Opera, Georgia State University’s School of Music, The Latin American Association, Coves Darden P.R.E., and at universities and museums from the Southeast to the Midwest. She is a member of the faculty of Emory University’s Dance Program and a former instructor of the Atlanta Ballet. She tours her original shows for kids “Ferdinand por farruca” and “That’s Apoyo”, and performs in “Olé flamenco”, presented by Young Audiences Woodruff Arts Center. Julie’s dance style reflects years of study with Spanish dance teachers, including Angelita Vargas, Juan del Gastor, Manuela Reyes, Pilar Ortega, Manuel Liñán, and Juan Paredes.